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Exprism - Twardogóra! The information, the advertisement, the weather, films, games - everything

Don’t you know Twardogóra? Let us give you some information about our town. Twardogóra is in Oleśnica poviat (poviat - second level of local government administration in Poland). All users of the Internet are welcome to our information and advertising web service. Has Twardogóra ever had the service like this? Now, he has. At last the town and Twardogóra administrative district has its own portal. You are welcome to use its resources!!! We thank to all, who participate and help – like giving their materials and links. Twardogóra community is also grateful. Now everything you need from the web is at hand. Exprism is greeting you!!!

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Furniture companies in Twardogóra, Goszcz, Kępno, Syców and...

Twardogóra district is well-known centre of many furniture companies. Would you like to know which furniture companies in Twardogóra and its surroundings like Goszcz are best or where you can find interesting for you furniture for kitchen or for living room? There are local suppliers (wholesallers) of furniture boards of Kronopol and Pfleiderer companies too.

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The best companies of various businesses in Poland

Don't you know which the hairdressing salon choose, or who can organize fabulous party for children, or who can built the stairs in the house or construct the roof of your building? Would you like to learn how to get rid of diseases or you need a therapist? Maybe are you interested in uncommon photographs and an advertisement in the Internet? See the best companies and creative groups from various businesses in Poland.

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European Union subsidies for companies - European Union Funds

Beneficiaries who are seeking the information about possibilities of subsidies can get the information about the conditions one should meet in order to compete for subsidies, European funds; about what programs they can use, as well as about where to search for the detailed information about announced competitions or schedules of recruitments of projects. Consultants are also giving information by mail or by telephone. We are inviting to contact by infoline 0 801 700 008 or by mail address

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Weather from IMGW for Twardogóra and Poland

If you just want to know what the weather will be like for the next few days Twardogóra click on the thumbnail weather. Weather Twardogóra for the next four days -here
Current weather in Twardogóra

Weather satellite. SAT24 - Rain, temperature, wind, pressure, precipitation (rain, snow, hail) - see the weather from the satellite

Friends of Exprism - Twardogóra

Graphics for the website from Grafiweb


Graphics of the service Exprism - Twardogóra is designed by the group Grafiweb. Our websites are easy to find in the Internet. Check it! See the Catalogue of Friendly Grafiweb Sites, or Your advertisement.. See the weather in your city, compare prices in shops, send sms for free or find an interesting job!

Twardogóra Info service presents a new look of Twardogóra.

twardogóra info

Take advantage of services of all our friends!

Companies from -Kępno, Syców, Oleśnica, Milicz, Krośnice, Odolanów

Change for the betters

There was a little change in our service.... We did the advertisement for companies from Twardgóra area. But it has changed since nearby towns are tied together with Twardogóra economically. And therefore companies from Milicz, Syców, Kępno, Krośnice, Odolanów or Oleśnica must be treated as the system of communicating tubes governing by the rules of the free market. We are inviting for advertising in our regional portal.

Twardogóra events and topics

Twardogóra and surroundings

Most interesting events in Twardogóra area. Meetings, parties, talks, the useful information for each of us. Everything you will find it in this column.

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Swimming Twardogóra. How to play in the pool Twardogóra.

Heat wave which surged over Poland, especially the region of Lower Silesia meant that residents Twardogóra looking cool in water bath using twardogórskiego. Especially a lot of people are using this form of rest and refreshment at the weekend. View pictures from a weekend at the pool, click picture nr 1 ; picture nr 2 ; picture nr 3

Remotely operated equipment rentals at the pool

Since July this year at the pool in Twardogóra can swim or boat chasers .... remotely controlled. Efficient models of boats provide fun and excitement. Open the pool during opening hours. View at which point you can use the swimming pool of the attractions clickpicture nr 1 ; picture nr 2.

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Rozmiar: 593 bajtów Rozmiar: 593 bajtów   

Hopefully you have already noticed these two flags next to the name of our service. Exprism has two language versions now: Polish and English. The translation is done by Andrzej Warkocz. Thank you! Mr Andrzej is fluent in English and Russian and we recommend his services for anyone who wish to translate something or to study these languages. Contakt : 609 681 551 ,



My good and noble health, Thou matter’st more then wealth. None know’th thy worth until Thou fad’st, and we fall ill. …. And then it is worthwhile to visit these sites.

przepisy kulinarne


Cooking is an art, an art which is worthwhile learning, if you want to surprise your guests

telewizory lcd

TV programme

The detailed TV programme is always useful, especially in your free time.

nauka i technika

Science and technology

Scientific innovations, new technologies... it is worthwhile being up to date with these matters. And students will take advantage of the online help in order to do one's homework.

Popular video - National Geographic

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Miss bikini Twardogóra 2010

On Sunday, June 27, 2010 took place in Twardogóra election miss bikini. To see pictures click on the numbers of photos.Nr 1 ; Nr 2 ; Nr 3 ; Nr 4 ; Nr 5 ; Nr 6 ; Nr 7 ; . Thank you for sharing Martin Wrześniacki photos.

Cooper; Action; Fox;

History of Twardogóra by Exprism

History of Twardogóra started when first representatives of Piast dynasty ruled Polish lands. Twardogóra was the trade settlement connected with the trade route from Wrocław to Poznań. The inhabitants were descendants of Slav tribe - Ślężanie, but since the 12th century also strangers from different countries, particularly from Germany started coming.

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Exprism , a Nasza Klasa

What he is Exprism with, and what the portal is our class, one should here add most popular in Poland web portal our class? They are looking into our class famous of this world, will add, Kayah, the Tailorbird, Palikot, Stuhr, Wałęsa or Gawliński. Supposedly the Madonna, Brad Pitt and the Angelina Jolie, and the George Clonney and Michael Jackson want also to enrol in our class... ow he no longer...

Ogłoszenia z Twardogóry i okolic

Na pierwszej stronie zamieszczane są ogłoszenia priorytetowe

Korepetycje - angielski, indywidualnie 10zł/40minut, nauczyciel tel. 506 976 601
czarter jachtów

Czarter jachtów na Morze Bałtyckie i Zalew Szczeciński. Niezapomniana przygoda. Zostań kapitanem i płyń po horyzont naszym jachtem, kom: 693 925 835.

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Twardogóra beauty parlour - offers treatments: making look younger, the liquidation of the cellulite and reducing the circumference of the body (Body wrapping), treating acne and scars potrądzikowych, treating the atopic skin, many other treatments. (pełny opis tutaj - kliknij)

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Rehabilitation home. Services offered: Physical therapy patient at home, massage, kinesis therapy, and NEW! Body wrapping - an intense fat burning, forming silhouettes electrostimulator. Oleśnica, Twardogóra Międzybórz, Syców, Milicz and surrounding areas. Invitate. Telephone Information 790 772 237 (Detailed offer here - click)

stoły szklane, z drewna, krzesła stalowe i z drewna, meble biurowe, kuchenne Wrocław

MK Styl - tables and chairs made of solid wood, stainless steel glass, kitchen furniture, office, chests of drawers Wrocław, Kępno, Poznań, Kalisz

Lappo Hotel, centrum rehabilitacyjno - wypoczynkowe

Hotel Lappo, Centre for Rehabilitation - Leisure. Just near Wroclaw, just 16km from the city center, 500m from the A4 motorway, in the village is Biskupice Podgórne Hotel Lappo****

Usługi budowlane Wrocław, poznań

Kmiecik - Construction, interiors, logs, transport - Wrocław, Poznań, Łódź, Kępno, Syców, Twardogóra

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